Sea Cow Sightings at the Springs – Blue Springs State Park

The Blue Springs State Park has been a winter wonderland for the West Indian Manatees; in fact has been one of the largest gathering sights for AGES!
During the colder months, the manatees will congregate by the hundreds to enjoy the consistent 72°F water temperatures. In 1972, a wildlife documentary called The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau was able to capture this phenomenon and dedicated an entire episode to bring awareness to the once “threatened” status of these gentle giants.

Fortunately, since this was filmed, the West Indian Manatee population has taken a turn for the better! Recent findings support this thought, as the winter populations in the springs have more than tripled within the last decade! In 2018, it was reported that the spring had hosted an outstanding number of 485 sea cows at once!

With the West Indian Manatee population growing, so is the opportunity to see the sea cows at Blue Springs State park! Check out what we were able to capture during our visit, and let us know how many manatees you spotted at the springs!

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