POSTED: NO SWIMMING – Germs at Gemini ?!

Gemini Springs of Debary, FL was once a very popular gathering spot for the central Florida locals to go for a swim and beat the summer heat! However, these summer plans were canceled abruptly when there was an announcement of found evidence of enterococci bacteria in the water – this is known for causing serious human infections of the ear, nose and urinary system. The bacteria is thought to be primarily produced by bird droppings but local environmentalists have an idea that the high count of this bacteria is due to lack of water flow from the headspring, and its inability to flush away the contaminated water. Some strongly believe that the lack of flow is due to residential housing boom and over pumping of the water supply they are sharing with the springs. While there are no statistics directly correlating the lack of flow with human withdrawal from the water supply, there is no doubt that human consumption, whether it be drinking water or watering the lawn, has a great impact on the hydrological health of our earth.
Of course, Gemini is still a popular destination for many different outdoor activities – having a playground, multiple hiking and biking trails, and even a dog parks so you can include your furry friends in the family fun! The beautiful spring house overlooking the water is an ideal location for weddings, baby showers and other formal events.
While we enjoy these amenities, the health of springs should still be in our minds.
After all, if our springs are already struggling so is the aquifer that supplies them (& us).

饮水思源 –
When you drink water, remember the spring.

– Chengyu

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    1. That’s the case for many 😓
      Hopefully one day, our waterways will be safe to enjoy once again!

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