Green Springs Park

Green Springs is located in Central Florida, in a small town called Enterprise. This springs “delicate waters” actually get their beautiful green tint from the sulfur that come from the springs! Covering 36 acres of land, these springs are winded with oak and magnolia tree-lined paths that are actually part of a 52 mile stretch from Gemini Springs to the city of Edgewater! Green Springs has always been recognized as a very important landmark through out history; Native Americans, such as the Mayaca and the Seminoles, actually considered the green waters to be an element of healing. Following this idea of the healing spring, a man by the name of Cornelius Taylor had built a hotel near the spring, where the tourists would flock from the St. Johns River to the spring waters to convalesce and recover from illnesses. From the early 1800s
until now, people have traveled to gaze at the natural beauty of the delicate jade colored waters of the majestic Green Springs!

October 2018 Visit

November 2017 Visit