Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

While the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens aren’t actually considered to be a botanical garden, it does offer a very unique and tranquil walk as you embrace the nature around you – while learning a history lesson as well!
In the late 1800’s , a group of Japanese farmers, had settled here as an agricultural colony who wished to take advantage of the new land. Without success, many of the farmers were forced to return to Japan – including a man named “George Sukeji Morikami.” In the 1970’s, Morikami had donated his property to be presented as a memorial for the Yamato colony.
In 1977, this property evolved into this Japanese themed wonderland, designed by Hoichi Kurisu – who hoped to provoke positive thoughts, and inspire people to become more in touch with the “fundamental relationship with life.”
When looking for a refreshing saunter to clear your mind, or a walk to provoke thought and inspiration, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is nirvana.

March 2019 Visit