Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

The Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens is located in the northwestern part of Florida, in a small town called Williston; where is shares a half mile radius with the infamous Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring. With a love for fishponds, Dr. Raymond Webber bought the land in the 1980’s – by lining limestone quarries with concrete and large planter pots, Webber organized one of the most breathtaking ponds, and most uniquely constructed gardens you can find in the southeast of North America!
Consisting of various types of flora, there is expected to be tons of Fauna; Cedar Lakes can certainly cater to this expectation! Many different species of animals can be found enjoying the gardens , such as songbirds, butterflies, turtles and other wildlife. Along with the wildlife, domesticated animals can also be found roaming the property – Cats, dogs, squirrels, even a 100lb catfish called “Big Ben” are all ready to give the visitors the grand tour of their welcoming home, the Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens!

July 2023 Visit

April 2018 Visit