Gemini Springs Park

buy generic Pregabalin online Gemini Springs Park is located in a central Florida town named Debary. The property Gemini Springs was first used as a farm; supplying people with timber, citrus and turpentine back in the 1800’s. Located on the property, was a beautiful farmhouse that said to be built by John H. Padgett and his family in the late 1800’s. There, they raised cattle and grew / produced sugar cane – this was eventually sold to the people on the trains going to Enterprise! More recently, in 1969, the property was placed under the ownership of Saundra and Charles Gray, who formed the beautiful park we know today. While swimming is no longer permitted due to bacteria in the water, this park is still offers a playground, dog park, and trails that connect to the infamous Spring-to-Spring trail — Gemini Springs Park has an activity for every member of the family!

  • Adults FREE
  • Kids FREE
  • Childern (6 & under) FREE
  • 4990 NE 180th Ave, Williston FL
  • Tues-Sun 7AM-7PM, Mon 7AM-6PM