Fern Hammock Springs

http://iksdome.com/0 At the end of the 1.4 mile walk of the nature trail at the Juniper Springs Recreation Area, the hidden treasure of Fern Hammock springs can be found. A wide wooden bridge allows you to make your way over the pool of approximately 23 spring heads; with a circumference of 130 Yards, and a depth ranging from 2 to 10 ft, the beautiful clear water make the perfect home to several different fish, snakes, and turtles. (With the water being a delicate ecosystem to support the wildlife, it is important not to handle or swim in the water here.) The flow of water mingles into Juniper creek, where it will eventually deposit into Lake George. Whether you’re looking for a short, scenic walk or a getaway to an aquamarine wonderland – Fern hammock offers a sight that the entire family can appreciate.

    Pricing for Juniper Springs Recreation Area

  • $5.50 Per Person
    ** Fern Hammock Springs is located in the Juniper Springs Recreation Area **

    Juniper Springs Recreation Area

  • 26701 FL-40, Silver Springs, FL 34488
  • 8AM – 8PM Daily